You should check for Windows Up-Dates: Click Start, All Programs and up on top of the list of programs is Microsoft Update. You must be online. (You might have Windows Updates.) (The second Tuesday of the month is Update Tuesday or more often if Microsoft thinks they are needed.)

Then you need to run SpyBot search and destroy, SpyBot is installed you need to update it every time you run it. Then you need to immunize it after you update it, then “Check for problems” this will take maybe 15 or 20 minutes to run and anything if finds you can have SpyBot remove. Nothing it finds should be left on your computer. The newest version of SpyBot is 1.6.2

Another anti-spyware program I use is malwarebytes it is a free program and can be downloaded from (you can only run 1 Anti-Virus program, But you can run as many spyware removal programs as you like.)    *This is one of the best free spam removal tools out there.

Then run Disk Cleanup: Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup This will empty your Temporary files, Temporary Internet files, the recycle bin and a few other files you don't need to save. (You can use a program like CCleaner to remove these files; it deletes other files that you don’t need like your History, Java Cache, Cookies, ETC.) CCleaner is a free download from this program cleans your registry and helps remove problem.

Finally run Defrag. Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and Disk Defragmenter (this organizes your computers files and helps speed up your computer.)

Joe Polinsky AKA AlaskaJoe
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